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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our baby monitor Sandy.

General Sandy (device)

What is Sandy?

The most adorable baby monitor in the world “Sandy” combines for the first time the functions of a baby monitor with a media player for toddlers up to 7 years. Sandy is a “Swiss Made” product that supports parents in everyday life with its innovative technology and versatile functions. Later, Sandy accompanies the little ones into enchanting worlds of adventure. The play buttons – our Belly Buttons – can easily be placed on Sandy’s belly and the best-known and most popular stories, songs and sounds will start to sound from his little feet.

How is Sandy supplied with power?

The power supply is provided by the integrated battery, which lasts for about 12 hours. This can be charged via the included power supply (= charging station) or via any USB charging cable.

Can I attach Sandy to the bed?

Sandy comes with a holder for baby bed. You can mount the charging cradle directly on this holder so that Sandy is powered around the clock. You can also place Sandy with the charging station on a dresser or nightstand.

Does Sandy work in case of power failure?

Sandy will operate during a power outage for approximately 12 hours thanks to the integrated battery. Remember to put Sandy back on the charging station after a power outage. If there is a power outage, you will be notified in the Sandy app.

Will I be notified of the battery status?

You can view the battery status in the display on the Sandy screen and in the Sandy app.
You will be notified when the battery level is low (20%) and critical (10%).

Will I be notified if I am no longer connected to Sandy?

The app will notify you if you are no longer connected.

Where is Sandy produced?

Sandy was developed and is produced in Switzerland. The baby monitor is Swiss Made.

Does Sandy also come in different sizes?

No. Sandy is a one size product. You can order socks and caps in different colors.

General Sandy application (parent unit)

Is there a parent unit for Sandy?

The parent unit is your cell phone. Sandy is linked to an application that was developed by us. The application is available for download free of charge from the App Store or Google Play Store after delivery.

How can I use the app when I am on the phone?

You can use multiple phones with Sandy. If you have an old cell phone lying around, we recommend that you also connect this cell phone to Sandy. This serves as an additional parent unit.

Can I set the notifications individually?

You decide when the app notifies you. Means: All functions controlled by the app can be personalized (notifications, timer, etc.).

Will the app also notify me at night?

Sandy will get an “alarm clock” feature so that you will be notified even at night. This option will be available with the first update.

What can I control through the app?

– Media Player
– Volume
– Timer
– Light color and intensity
– Zoom function
– Brightness camera image


Is Sandy radiation-free?

Sandy works without WLAN and can be connected via a LAN cable. However, this requires a LAN connection and a network adapter for Sandy. You will find such an adapter in our webshop soon.

Is Sandy tap-proof and protected against data abuse?

Data security is our top priority, especially since children and sensitive data are involved. That’s why we use a public-key encryption process to guarantee the highest security standards. In this regard, we have an employee who is exclusively concerned with the topic of “data protection”.

Is there a risk of glass splinters through the display?

The display or touchscreen is made of PMMA (Plexiglas). There is therefore no danger of glass splinters for the little ones. However, if the display should be damaged, please contact our support.

Can the integrated infrared light harm the eyes?

Sandy has an integrated sensor that detects when the baby or child gets too close to the IR light. The sensor adaptively adjusts the light intensity so that there is no danger to the eyes at any time.


Does Sandy only work with an internet connection?

Sandy works only with an active internet connection. Sandy requires either WLAN or a LAN connection. Please note the minimum requirements (upload rate min. 2 Mbit/s). The cell phone does not have to be in the same network. Mobile network is sufficient for the application.
We are working on Sandy connecting directly to the cell phone even if no internet connection is available. This will be available as an update in the course of 2021.

Can I connect 2 Sandys with only 1 app (twin function)?

Yes, two Sandys can be operated independently in the same environment without interference.

Can Sandy also be started with other devices (e.g. tablet)?

For transmission, Sandy currently only works via smartphone. We are working on making Sandy connectable to tablet in the future.

What is the range of Sandy?

The range of Sandy is unlimited. All you need is an internet connection.

How many people can use the app?

Basically, any number of people can use the app. We recommend connecting no more than three main users (usually parents). Also note that the more people access the camera at the same time, the more the transmission quality suffers.

Can I invite friends and family to the camera?

Yes, through our secure user management you can invite third parties (family and friends) at any time, so that they can also capture a laugh or two of your little one. You can also assign different rights or remove “invited persons” with just one click. As the main user, you always have control over who is accessing Sandy.

Are there any minimum technical requirements for using Sandy?

Sandy requires a minimum bandwidth of your internet connection of 2 Mbps. With less upstream bandwidth, there is a chance that the video quality will be pixelated and unclear; you could potentially experience delays when starting a live stream. Therefore, we recommend installing an additional hotspot (WLAN amplifier) for houses with thick walls (including concrete) or regular connection problems.

Minimum requirements Devices:
– Apple devices: For all future product and app enhancement updates, the Sandy app requires iOS version 11 or higher.
– Android devices: For all future product and app enhancement updates, the Sandy app requires Android version 5.0 or higher.

Will there be software updates for Sandy?

Our motto: Sandy never gets old! This means that software updates will be made available regularly for both Sandy and the application. Please note the minimum requirements .

Do I have to pay for updates?

No. The updates are free of charge for Sandy owners.

Can I connect Sandy with Amazon Echo "Alexa" or Google Home?

This interface is planned and will be announced with an update towards the end of the year (2021).

Is Sandy waterproof?

No, Sandy will not survive a use in the bathtub. Sandy is first and foremost a device and can at most be dusted off and cleaned with a damp cloth. The device will also survive a few splash water attacks, but should be avoided. The same applies to humidity.

Can I turn or tilt Sandy's head?

Yes, you can manually rotate the head horizontally and tilt it vertically.

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