Meet Sandy’s family

Sandy was born to help guarantee moms and dads time to relax and to let kids explore fantastic worlds of adventure.

Our ever-growing family is hard at work with the young Swiss company DOKOKI AG to bring this unique buddy to your home as soon as possible.


Erstes Produktdesign Babyphone

First Product Design

As early as 2017, the first product design for Sandy, still very functional in appearance, was completed. Although still a long way from today’s “most adorable baby monitor in the world”, this design laid the perfect foundation for Sandy’s electronics and software development.

April 2017

Benny Prototype

An emotive look & the foundation of the company

Sandy gets a bit of character! This is our product design one year on from our first try. Sandy, then known as Benny, gets some feet, some little arms and the unique sleeping cap for the first time. What’s more, he not only gets a face, but can now be operated much more easily thanks to the integrated display and touchscreen.
On June 19, 2018, Marc founds DOKOKI AG!

June 2018

Icon Doki
Sandy Applikation

Smartphone operation

So that you can be closer to your loved ones with Sandy from anywhere in the world (where there is an internet connection), Sandy is connected to a smartphone app in spring 2019. This will allow parents, grandparents or even family friends to see and hear how the little one is getting on.

April 2019

Icon Doki
Dokoki Büroräumlichkeiten

Our Office

An important milestone for DOKOKI AG. After months of working with our developers over video calls and Marc and Tobias being stuck in a 5m² room, moving into our own office is both a cause for celebration in itself and a huge boost to our productivity.

October 2019

Icon Doki
Sandy Prototype

Sandy - the most adorable baby monitor

While everyone else is working diligently at developing technology and software, Sandy is achieving his final shape. Cute little guy, isn’t he? From this point on, the achievements come thick and fast. Preparations for the launch are in full swing; at the same time, the ‘DOKI’ buttons are born and the baby monitor becomes an audio player as well. Work proceeds apace, and it’s only getting faster.

March 2020

Icon Doki
Sandy November Aktion

Pre-orders open

Sandy’s family keeps on growing! Our team of 13 employees ensures that a fully developed Sandy will be ready go on May 9, 2021. To be sure we can handle the initial production batch of 1000 Sandys, our pre-order phase begins six months beforehand, on November 4, 2020. This gives trendsetters and early adopters the opportunity to pre-order one of the first Sandys in advance at an early-bird price.

November 2020

Icon Doki

Production started

Sandy is getting closer to the long-awaited delivery! Production of our most adorable baby monitor (1000 units) has finally started; new features are being added to the software. At the same time, the final designs for the packaging and accessories are being completed.

February 2021

Icon Doki orange
Sold out

1000 Sandys SOLD OUT

Sandy’s first 1000 owners have been decided. There are only a few weeks left and then many families will be enlarged by one member. The second delivery will take place in October 2021 at the latest. In addition, the My Sandy website receives the Trusted Shop seal of approval.

March 2021

Delivery of the first 1000 Sandys

Planned for July 2021

Further deliveries from

October 2021








Sandy’s Story

May 2016… and the world suddenly turns upside down.

At least that’s how it was for Marc and his family when they received the shock diagnosis. Their son Dexter had been diagnosed with cancer – and he was only two years old! The doctors couldn’t operate on the little boy because the tumor was the size of a grapefruit at that point. This meant chemotherapy for Dexter.

After months of treatment, however, the first relieving news came; the tumor shrank to the size of a tangerine. Dexter could finally be operated! After four long hours of waiting, their mind took a load: the operation was a success and the tumor was completely removed. And Dexter? Three days after the operation he was already walking through the hospital corridors and being all smiles with Marc.

For Marc it was clear after this nerve-racking and painful experience: He had to do something for the parents in this world. He wanted to create something useful and intelligent that would support parents in their everyday lives. From parents for parents.

That’s exactly how Sandy was finally born. And with this adorable product also something more, namely the Sandy family. A family that, together with Marc, brings his vision to life.

Because we care.

Marc und Dexter

Sandys Family members

Marc Zinner

Founder & CEO

Marcellinus Meyer


Dominic Multerer

Dominic Multerer


Volker Peters

Senior Software Engineer

Achim Müller

Achim Müller

Senior Hardware Design Engineer

Auli Piedra

Auli Piedra

Smart Textiles Specialist

Pascal Sollberger

Online Direct Sales

Eric Price

Eric Price

Head of Visual Design

Vincenzo Russo

Vincenzo Russo

PM Software Development

Spyridon Margomenos

Data Security Engineer

Peter Simon

Signal Processing Engineer

Vjollca Pepaj

Vjollca Pepaj

Customer Support

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