Sandy – the most adorable baby monitor in the world.

Sandy watches over little ones, guarantees time to relax for parents and lets children explore fairytale worlds at their own pace.

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First baby monitor, then storytime buddy

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Baby monitor of the future

Sandy is a baby monitor developed and manufactured in Switzerland that supports parents in everyday life and accompanies children as a loving companion from birth to school age.

Babyphone & App (1-6)

Sandy is a baby monitor developed and manufactured in Switzerland that supports parents in everyday life and accompanies children as a loving companion from birth to school age.

1. Camera

Sandy brings parent and child closer together. Get a sense of closeness no matter where you are in the world.
  • The HD camera image is transmitted to your smartphone in full size and without any additional device.
  • .
  • Even in the dark, the child is recognizable, thanks to infrared camera.

2. All-in-One App

The app is personalizable, so you can activate all the features you want with a single click:
  • Camera
  • Sound transmission
  • Night light (light color and intensity)
  • Sleep music / sounds (incl. timer)
  • Audio plays

3. Audio Plays & more

Real entertainment for the whole family with Sandy’s media player! Two speakers are located in Sandy’s feet. They can play nursery rhymes, fairytales, audio plays and audiobooks, as well as soothing sounds, all in superb quality.

4. Sandys Belly Buttons

The Sandy Belly Buttons are functional buttons that are easily placed on Sandy’s belly. Sandy will receive more and more function buttons, with which not only music will be played, but in the future your child will be perfectly protected – from entertainment to sleep aid.

5. Nightlight Star

Hidden under Sandy’s beanie there is a small, star-shaped nightlight, which fills the room with a soft glow. The nightlight can be set with any of over 16 million colors or use a delightful color-changing mode. The beanie is produced in EU and is made of merino wool. Both the beanie and the socks are available in different colored sets.

6. Curved Touchscreen

Sandy’s face includes both a display and a unique curved touchscreen, which makes using the baby monitor simple. In standby mode, the display shows Sandy’s eyes, which will occasionally blink, wink or make some other playful gesture.

Sandys Functions


Operation via Sandy app

Sandy's Android & iOS app is the parent unit of the baby monitor. No matter when and where, get notifications when your baby needs you, be closer to your darling thanks to camera and microphone and control all other functions.

Kamera bei Tag

More closeness thanks to Sandy's camera

Thanks to Sandy's camera, you can keep an eye on your darling at all times and from anywhere. The infrared mode even allows you to do this at night when it's dark in the nursery.

Vater mit Kind

We care about the safety of your child

Sandy includes many safety features that contribute to the protection and well-being of your child.


Safe through the night

Sandy's night mode protects your baby and accompanies him through the night with a night light and soothing sounds. But if your darling needs you, Sandy will notify you immediately.

Sandys Nachtlichtstern
Sandys Media-Player

The first baby monitor with integrated media player

Thanks to the soothing sounds on Sandy's media player, your child can gently fall asleep. But also during the day, the media player brings a smile on the children's faces with great audio games and children's songs.

Belly Button

Sandys adorable Belly Buttons

Sandy's Belly Buttons expand its functionality once placed on the belly. Stay tuned, more Belly Buttons will be available soon.


Testimonials - from parents for parents

Why Sandy is the best family member? Click through our testimonials and hear what other parents have to say about Sandy.

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